Chapter 1-The World before the Opening of the Atlantic
Testing policy:
For every chapter exam the students have two options for their assessment.

1. Write an essay that addresses the prompt provided in the test options portion of each chapter link.

  • Students who prefer this option are expected to write a formal 5 paragraph essay prior to test day.
  • All information needed to complete the essay can be found in the student’s notes from class, the text book, and the
    corresponding chapter notes found on this site.
  • The students are permitted to use outside sources; however, all sources used must be properly cited to avoid plagiarism.
  • All essay are due at the beginning of the period on test day, failure to produce an essay will result in the student being
    responsible for completing the exam.
  • All essays will be graded on a 100 point scale
2.Take a summative assessment
  • Tests will range in length between 20 and 35 questions.
  • They will consist of a mixture of multiple choice, matching, true/false, and completion questions.
  • All exam questions will be based on information from the chapter being assessed
  • Students who plan to take the exam are encouraged to follow the chapter links to an online practice test. This practice test is
    NOT identical to the one they will be given in class and only serves to provide practice in the types of questions and content that
    may appear on the exam.
  Chapter 2-New Empires in the Americas
  Chapter 3-The English Colonies
  Chapter 4-The American Revolution
  Chapter 5-Forming a Government
  Chapter 7-Launching the Nation
  Chapter 8-The Jefferson Era
  Chapter 9-A New National Identity
Test Options
  Chapter 10-The Age of Jackson
  Chapter 11-Expanding West
Test Options