10th Grade American History
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Course description:
-History is a term for information about the past. When used as the name of
a field of study, history refers to the study and interpretation of the record of
human societies.
-Students will study various topics relating to early American History including:
geography, changes in social climate, population movement, socio-economic
changes, foundations of government, and cultural diffusion.

Text: United States History: Holt

Goals for students in class:
-Students should gain an understanding of the foundations of our country and
recognize the events and people that helped create and shape it.

Performance Activities:
-This course will consist of various lectures, group activities, open discussions,
independent readings, and formal debates.

Assessment techniques:
-Grades will be based upon student participation, work completed in class,
chapter tests, short essays, and a final research paper.
Course Documents
Note- There are 1168 pages to your US
history text book. It may take awhile to
open. However, if you save it to your
computer it will open faster in the
future and typically save your page.
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